(DZY003) Pomology Vol. 1: RED

On March 14th, 2014, Dizzy Records releases it’s first compilation album, “RED.” Executive produced by Dizzy Records and KluSlim, “RED” features up-and-coming hip-hop artists and electronic producers such as Robbing Jane, Whompus Cats, SOTA, and more. Ranging from progressive electronic melodies to classic hip-hop inspiration, this compilation captures the unique sounds of an emerging music scene.

The six artists featured on the album are Badguytraps (Matt Hawkins), (+)afekt (Ryan Mancuso), SOTA (Brian Greene), KluSlim (Adam Carrillo), Whompus Cats (Ben Bryan), and RobbingJane (Blake LeJeune). The album came together in a little under a year and features tracks from the upcoming EPs to be released by each individual artist. It represents the growing music scene that thrives in the shadow of New Orleans and is the first volume in a series of compilations to be released through the Dizzy Records.

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